undRess Béton – ‘Stuckhousing Quantum Gums (Hypocnemis Rhythms)’

This project ‘Stuckhousing Quantum Gums’ by undRess Béton,
composed for Good Ship Glossolalia Series by Resonance104.4fm — London’s arts radio station, is of 60 minutes in length & provides detailed research on Hypocnemis Rhythms.


“Welcome to Jaan Patterson’s playful dystopian radio; whose Dada and I-Ching infected station-dial alights upon portmanteau scenes of horror-Punk and appropriated speech, where fractured field recordings and malevolent synthesisers prowl. Patterson’s work is, by now, vast and numerous, and goes way beyond the usual slue of blithe laptop cut-up and Conceptualese. This is feral electronica at its best.”

-Anthony Donovan (Murmurists)