Takelage - Jaan Patterson


Comment by Lee Kwo:
Rays of the Solar Anus the viciousness of the post Verbal/
THE EYE/birth of the cellular Galaxy/a technique can be learned but you cant learn to have an imagination/Duchamp/Ondine speaks from the Antropoides Kupka and the cult of Kafka/I am always here or there I am someplace or nowhere/I am where you want me to be/the blue orifice with black hole centre a cell encased in soft delta grey circle clusters of ovums the eternal birth of the cunt zero with its regular army of X hunting down the constant stream of mercenary Y the prongs part of what you need to survive this potential eruption of desired locked in amniotic fluids pink arms yellow hair a centralised cock station the red segmented snake crawls around the blinking lips like black vibrating penis slither over red engorged intellect skull simulacra and the creator sent forth a deluge of spermatozoa and the sticky trail known as the Milky Way waited suspended in the vacuum of space where no one hears desires desperate call./Desire will always be disappointing because you are always left waiting/expecting someone else/every thought you have expects SOMEONE/Godette in pink with fishnets catching your lurching gaze a gash of panties breasts a part of what you need to survive/I am a madman caught in a sexthrust of words tearing the skin from my phallus/I am stranded in a place I don’t want to be/i commit myself to no polarities body dismembered legs arms torso moves apart pulled by engagement with dilemmical desires to become trapped in the state of genital longings recalls proposals/alterity/singularity /cuntality /individuality /techsexuality /transgression / machinic techno art /duplicity / betrayal / alienation / the fiery sexball circumscribed by the desires of others to be fuk or not to be fuk