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Peculiar Mormyrid 1.0 Book is available!

Peculiar Mormyrid 1.0 Spring 2015

Get the book here: CLICK to go to Lulu Bookshop including submissions by:

Glen Armstrong, Jay Blackwood, Maurizio Brancaleoni, Cid V Brunet, Casi Cline, Steven Cline, David Coulter, Daniel de Cullá, Santino DallaVecchia, Dylan Debelis, Ashley DeFlaminis, William Doreski, Bernard Dumaine & Elle Gottzi, Daniel Fierro, Howie Good, Maurice Greenia Jr, John Grey, Dale M Houstman, Janne Karlsson, Stephen Kirin, Gilles Latour, Rik Lina, Nate Maxson, Andrew Mendez, D. Russel Micnhimer, Iñaki Muñoz, David Nadeau, Jaan Patterson, Brett Peterson,  Patrik Sampler, Nelly Sanchez, Gerard Sarnat, Domenic Scopa, Anasor Ed Searom, Bill Wolak, Milana Zadworna.

Device Scribbles Collective Fanzine

Thanks to David Nadeau for putting this Device Scribbles Fanzine together, and many thanks to Stephen Kirin for creating the Collective! Here’s to more! All the best wishes go to: Stephen Kirin, Jude C Montague, Michele Farmer, Craig S Wilson, Bryan Thorpe, Mikey Bassandstuff, Vanessa Kroll, David Nadeau, Dale Houstman, Neal D Retke, Morris Sockpar, Tim Millar, Anthony Donovan. Direct Download the PDF. Read more →

Spring Game 01 (based on an idea by Evi Moechel (aka Zazie))

Spring game 01 Game based on an idea by Evi Moechel (aka Zazie) – Closed on 2015-04-26 Read all details here as it has been set up by Pierre Petiot at La Belle Inutile.   My text bit: When causing honeysuckle knots, you should try to work at the gate of sagitta,- cooling a mandrake gently after the storm to sooth… Read more →