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Jaan Patterson & Friends (200th suRRism-Phonoethics Release)

            Jaan Patterson & Friends – The Interviews Released 18. April 2015 by suRRism-Phonoethics (sPE_0200) http://surrism.phonoethics.com Exquisite Corpse Cover A (1, 2 ,3) by: Vol.1 by Bernard Dumaine/Immy Smith Vol.2 by Bernard Dumaine/Janelle McKain Vol.3 by Bernard Dumaine/Ton Haring Cover B Painting by Bernard Dumaine This compilation is based on cut-up samples that had been arranged by Jaan Patterson.… Read more →

Minute Mad[e]


Luther Blissett
Jeremy Gluck & Jaan Patterson
undRess Béton & Lezet
Reve Steich
Yoshihiro Kikuchi & Jaan Patterson
Syringes’ Feast (Anton Mobin, Jaan Patterson & Patrizio Pica)
William Davison & Jaan Patterson
undRess Béton
The Implicit Order & undRess Béton
ION & undRess Béton
Seiei Jack, Jaan Patterson, Jeremy Gluck
Jurica Jelic, Jaan Patterson
Syringes’ Feast (Anton Mobin, Jaan Patterson & Patrizio Pica)
Jaan Patterson
André Pissoir
undRess Béton and Hal McGee
Hopek Quirin / Jaan Patterson
undRess Béton & Hal McGee
Runar Magnusson, The Crying Cowboy, Jaan Patterson
Dada AG & Jaan Patterson
Anthony Donovan, Hopek Quirin, Jaan Patterson
undRess Béton
Clutter & undRess Béton
Vziel & undRess Béton
Binary Slim, André Pissoir, John Juan
undRess Béton
Alessandra Celletti & Jaan Patterson
Adrian Beentjes, Anthony Donovan, Jaan Patterson
Erick Diego, Jaan Patterson
Jochen Arbeit/Vania Rovisco/Jaan Patterson
Otto Von Rhinau & undRess Béton
Bryan Lewis Saunders & Jaan Patterson
Darius Greene & Jaan Patterson
undRess Béton & Stalaktos
Herr Penschuck & Jaan Patterson
Ohne Worte