Spring Game 01 (based on an idea by Evi Moechel (aka Zazie))

Spring game 01
Game based on an idea by Evi Moechel (aka Zazie) – Closed on 2015-04-26

Read all details here as it has been set up by Pierre Petiot at La Belle Inutile.


My text bit:

When causing honeysuckle knots, you should try to work at the gate of sagitta,- cooling a mandrake gently after the storm to sooth your needs. It may seem impossible at first, but if you seriously cum on the city of hamlet and insist on walking proudly the paunch through town, you will keep noticing the gap reveals a fox sycamore that is bewildered by the ape of love. Take certain care, while passing the envelope only using a fork just as pretending you are throwing confetti. If you follow the plant, it will seem as you have been living on a horse or in a jar, but don’t pay and assume you’re done yet. It needs devoted close mortar tied nose appealing, so glass won’t hinder the passion to find the magical ginger at the shore of the risen block star. Then at last you should feel that you have become a glowing assertion spray of ice. At the very last wear your nose as snake. You’re done.