People for Venus

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Please support Greece!

“yes! here in europe; to keep changes moving, ‘we’ i feel we have to keep close to the greek people, else,—we’re doomed.” -Γιαάν Πάτερσον Read more →

Ergo Protagonists

Device Scribbles Collective Fanzine

Thanks to David Nadeau for putting this Device Scribbles Fanzine together, and many thanks to Stephen Kirin for creating the Collective! Here’s to more! All the best wishes go to: Stephen Kirin, Jude C Montague, Michele Farmer, Craig S Wilson, Bryan Thorpe, Mikey Bassandstuff, Vanessa Kroll, David Nadeau, Dale Houstman, Neal D Retke, Morris Sockpar, Tim Millar, Anthony Donovan. Direct Download the PDF. Read more →