d/eaR Friends & Followers of suRRism-Phonoethics

d/eaR Friends & Followers of suRRism-Phonoethics,

this is a message about some changes that will effect the appearance & future of this label.

Over the course of time i have noticed, that most releases are being re-posted to the suRRism-Phonoethics curator page of Free Music Archive only. Internet Archive is mostly ignored, and Bandcamp, well, barely no one has the money to pay/support for the music it seems. Let’s just not even name other hosters.

Considering for myself that i put a lot of love for the details on the main page (eg. http://surrism.phonoethics.com), including all relevant links and various audio-format-packages (including print ready covers etc.) to give the listener/consumer a wide range of possibilities to choose from, which format to consider as their favourite and most certainly respect for the artist’s work by spreading as far and wide as possible their valuable work.

However my effort seems pointless if the main page is being bypassed. So for me, given how much work and time of mine that has to be invested, the only meaningful change that i can approach is, that i will no longer promote releases through a self hosted website, neither will i upload any other format to various pages as hosts, nor streaming services other than the mp3 file format to the Free Music Archive (FMA only accepts mp3 at this point).

No, it’s not really satisfying me, as my approach was always desiring quality in this mostly fast paced often superficial consumerism of music, but i see no fit for that anymore (for myself). So at last i give in to what i always wanted to avoid, “just dumping and adding music onto a huge internet pile”. Partly i’m sad about this, but i can’t look away anymore and ignore how much more time i could have for myself which is positive. Maybe the page wasn’t user friendly enough to show its value of the content, maybe the Free Music Archive seems more valuable for showing off (play count etc), it certainly is one of the best if not THE best for CC Music. But i have no idea anymore what value is being giving to music anymore besides the point, i think i lost track over time by all streams etc. but that’s another topic, if not an effect of this happening.

Sorry to say, for those that did enjoy the place and supported it too, also for those individuals and their releases still in the pipe waiting to be published. Those will soon be available at the FMA exclusively. If you wish to retract your release, just drop me an email at mail@phonoethics.com

The future guidelines, if you wish to be considered to appear on the FMA are sending mp3s and a cover of 500*500 px to mail@phonoethics.com using wetransfer.com Needless to say that the mp3s should be tagged properly and double checked the spelling.

Here’s to the best, peace & love!