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We are intestines.

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People for Venus

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Her deadly awareness

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Three way prose

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The Interim of Exclusions - Jaan Patterson

The Interim of Exclusions (snippet) – As recently published in the Peculiar Mormyrid

The Interim of Exclusions Poetic porcelain alone manifests that of situational psychic casual limits which remains a hidden fraud. That of and at methods called diversity. Real necessary functions for enclosed attributes are natures emotional violent assumptions case of principles, those on account of any other as annually disabling galaxies. These from would say her please to emphasize seems basically… Read more →

Abstract Editions

Abstract|Ext Book

Abstract|Ext A first approximation to abstract literature Various authors 240 pages. 148x210mm. Perfect bound, Silkscreened soft-cover. First edition April 2015. Printed in Spain. ISBN 978-84-606-6994-4   A collective effort to push the boundaries of written text, in order to achieve a very promising first approximation to abstract literature. All texts are delivered in a limited edition of 1000 printed copies,… Read more →


Thanks Big Time David Quiles Guilló for sending out the Books in advance! So glad to be included in this project Abstract/Ext! They look fantastic and read even better! Lots of love to you and anyone else that was included! Read more →

Geständnisse. Das Buch der Vorgeschichten

Geständnisse. Das Buch der Vorgeschichten

Mein deutschsprachiges Buch “Geständnisse. Das Buch der Vorgeschichten” kann nun über diverse Kanäle geordert werden. “Noch spiele ich die Flöte der Gesellschaft. Ich falle nicht auf wenn ich euch so nachahme, den Klang der Lüge aber werde ich nicht mehr los.” Ein Buch welches eine wahre Autobiographie in Worte umwandelte um dann sich zu verlieren. Ein surrealistisches Werk von Jaan Patterson.… Read more →

The Flourish Beton. Introduction

The Flourish Béton. Introduction

My book “The Flourish Béton. Introduction” can now be ordered through several online channels. “So traditions stand what borrows rhetorical trials that will understand… Let’s begin again. Utilities of the grand piano strike out of their own accord, Neo(n) antiquities abounding, resounding let out a scribble as a process of hearing in healing is lesson appealing to the Aural Etymology… Read more →

William S. Burroughs – Re-cut-up-edited German

Bei der in dir wurde zuletzt alles so albern lachenden Menschen entfacht, könnte heißen, zwischen Wörtern in etwa so wie in Artist Königin, Räumlichkeiten die mein Tanzen sehen sind nur wie ein Spanischer Überlebender. Das Vampir war eine gelähmte Mischung! Höhlen. Grau oder gerne fein, erinnern Sie sich? Wört-Iich Auf dem See mit dem Zeug dort wo meine schrumpfte und… Read more →

The Art of Noises 2013

  “The manifesto represents the guidance of will and uncanny. Both confirm the obstacles repulsively denying the fragrance of sounds though inhabiting them as reference to death of life if not followed thoroughly during living. It is a plain useless fact that is appreciated and a prerequisite to recall itself upon the entity requiring the resonance of one only self.… Read more →